"Make changes, not excuses"


One of my biggest passions in life is to stay fit and healthy - inside and out. It started out as a hobby, but quickly turned into a lifestyle.


My biggest wish, is to make it your lifestyle as well. I don't just want to make you look strong, but to make you feel strong - no matter what your goal is.

Read my own story and fitness journey below.

Sarah Louise x

I promise you my workouts are these 3 things

  • Damn effective – you wont leave the session without red cheeks and a sweaty forehead

  • Damn motivating – I’m always ready with a high five when it’s going great and a pat on the back when things are struggling.

  • Damn knowledgable – Professional guidance in all workouts & exercises & learning how to create healthier nutrition habits at home.


Throughout my childhood and growing up I've always been "too skinny" and "too small". Still I felt bloated, weak and my confidence was at an all time low. After having gathered inspiration from Instagram I decided, that I wanted to get in shape and build some muscle. I started an at-home programme a couple times a week, and nothing else.

I remember the first day, my dad brought me to a gym. I had no clue whatsoever to what I was doing - tried a couple machines and just walked on the treadmill. But I could feel, that this was something I loved. When i lifted weights, I felt strong and confident.

I was still very nervous to enter the free weights part of the gym - that was where alle the 'big guys' where working out. What if people stared at me? What if i did something wrong? I quickly realized, that literally no one is looking at you - they're too busy doing their own exercises.


As time went on, I began to build some muscle. It was amazing to see how the body can change. I knew, that I was done being "the small and skinny girl" !!


The strength I built gave me more confidence and more energy for everyday activities.

Throughout my fitness journey, I've learned to find a balance between working out, eating right and maintaining it as a lifestyle. I too have waisted many hours on the treadmill, I too have once been a clueless beginner in the gym, I too have made thousands of exercises on a mat not daring to lift some weights. There isn't a style of training I haven't tried, but everything has help give me that knowledge and experience I have today.

Three years ago I changed to a plantbased diet and therefore removed all animal products - it has without a doubt given me better results, and I'm able to have a body I feel 100% comfortable in. I came from a diet with lots of restrictions and foods I had a fear of eating, to know being able to say that I eat a diet where it's promoted to eat in big portions.


I've learned to listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm not. Sometimes that'll be 5 meals a day, and sometimes it'll mean 2 meals a day. Some days it'll be huge meals and other days it'll be smaller meals. Coming from a restrictive past I have learned to eat and incoorporate any type of food into my diet - sometimes it's a gooey chocolate brownie with soya yoghurt and sometimes it's oil-free baked veggies with lentil stew. Never any guilt.


I'm an advocate for a plantbased diet, because that's the most optimal for health, training and for the planet. But you don't have to follow that lifestyle to train with me.



With my many years of experience I know what you're going through right now. If it's not because I've been there myself, I have helped someone who has.

The workouts are a mix of functional training, high intensity training and resistance training. This is proven to give you the best results.


I care a lot about not only making you look good, but also making you feel good! The confidence you radiate the other 23 hours of the day, when you're not working out is what makes it all worth it.

I believe in creating a lifestyle with good habits.


I believe in a healthy vegan plantbased diet. However, it's not a requirement that you have the same diet.

I have also never taken protein supplements, pre workouts, BCAA's etc. and don't think it's necessary to do so. 


I have received an internationally approved certificate from EuropeActive (EHFA)


  • Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Coach

  • Online Trainer and Health Coach

  • Operations Manager at Manor London

  • Writer for for MyProtein

  • Podcast host on "Vegateket" (Danish)

  • Public Speaker


  • Business School

  • Anatomy & Physiology at Fitness Insitute

  • EHFA Certified fitness instructor at Fitness Institute

  • EHFA Certified Personal Trainer at Fitness Institute

  • Master course i Mobility and the neurological approach to it

  • Master course in Vegan nutrition

  • Course about Fat loss for the female body

  • Course about Controlled and restrictive eating, as well as the life after

  • 2nd place in Danish Championships for business develpment