Online Personal trainer vegan London


Online Coaching

Personalised programming

Weekly check-in & goal-setting

Everlasting results

Building strong bodies, healthy minds & changing lives.

No diets or shortcuts.

Sustainable body transformations.

Sarah Louise

Select your plan

Basic plan

For those who just want a personalised plan to follow with no check-ins or ongoing support from Sarah Louise

Personalised 4-week training plan

Personalised 4-week meal plan & calories

✓ Personalised document explaining your plans

  24/7 contact with Sarah Louise

  Weekly video call check-ins with Sarah Louise

  Weekly goal-setting for continuous progress

  Body measurement tracking


👇🏼Pst! This is the most popular one

Premium plan

For those who want full support & accountability, weekly check-ins, and continuous adjustments from Sarah Louise

Personalised training plan

Professional nutrition guidance

✓ Step-by-step system to get you from A to B

✓  Weekly video call check-ins with Sarah Louise

✓  Weekly goal-setting for continuous progress

✓  Body measurement tracking

  24/7 contact with Sarah Louise

  Results you will keep .. trust me

£198 per month

Get 15% discount

Enjoy 15% discount on any plan if you sign up with a partner or a friend 💪🏼 

Everything included is of course still individual.


Tailored programming.

Optimised nutrition.

Check-ins, accountability & support.

Everlasting results.

Sarah Louise

Post pregnancy

Optimise nutrition

Stubborn belly fat

Gain weight / build muscle

Tone up & sculpt body

Get stronger

Lose 10+ kg

Build healthy routines

Get back in shape

Whatever your goal may be...

we'll reach it together


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Absolutely the best personal trainer I've ever worked with! Sarah has always encouraged me and motivated me to achieve my goals and to never give up. I love seeing the results from our work together in the gym and from her food suggestions too. "


I help ordinary people build extraordinary bodies without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Let me help you optimise & adjust your training and nutrition in the most realistic way for you. My methods are proven to make your results stick with you forever.

  • 5+ years vegan

  • 6+ years PT experience

  • 600+ individual clients

  • Only 5-star reviews

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Vegan Personal Trainer London
Vegan Personal Trainer London
Vegan Personal Trainer London
Vegan Personal Trainer London

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online coaching?

Online Coaching is like having a personal trainer in your pocket 24/7. 

I'll provide you with necessary programmes & guidance  so we can reach your goals in the best way possible. We will check-in with each other weekly & set small goals for the coming week so you know what to focus on.

We will track your progress accordingly, and make any necessary adjustments based on your results.

I'm here for you always, so if you ever have any questions or need any support, I'm just a text away.

What are weekly check-ins?

Every week we'll have a call to check-in on how you're doing & make sure we stay on track with our weekly goals. We will talk about the week just been and plan the week ahead. If you're going through any struggles, we'll work through them together and make necessary adjustments to weekly goals or workouts.

What's included in the Basic Plan?

The Basic Plan is for you if you're motivated & consistent enough to do your own thing, but still want a training programme & meal plan that's perfect for your lifestyle & supports your goals.

You'll receive a 4-week training programme with progression & a 4-week meal plan along with a document explaining my best recommendations for you.

£139. You can choose to renew every 4 weeks

What's included in the Premium Plan?

The Premium Plan is like the all-inclusive of Online Coaching.


It's for you if you want full support & accountability on your fitness journey.

You'll get regularly updated workouts & professional nutrition guidance. Through weekly check-ins & realistic goal-setting we will reach your goals in the best way possible.


£198 per month. 4 month minimum.

How do I get 15% discount?

Enjoy 15% discount on any plan when you sign up with your partner or friend. All the programmes, coaching & check-ins are of course individual. 

Basic plan becomes £119 per person 

Premium plan becomes £168 per person

Is there a minimum contract?

Yes & no.

The Basic plan has no minimum contract. Every month you can choose to renew your plans or continue with your current plans.

The Premium plan has a 4-month minimum contract. Why? Because I care about getting you sustainable & great results.

How do I cancel my Premium plan?

When your 4-month minimum contract is up your Premium plan continues on a monthly rolling basis. Cancel it anytime by messaging me.