No more feeling uncomfortable in your body.

No more being confused over what to eat, how to train and what to tackle first.

Learn how to create a consistent routine & lifestyle to achieve the body you want without stressing about if you’re eating the right thing or doing the right exercises.

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Me as your personal coach. I've done exactly what you want to do or helped someone who has through my thousands of hours of coaching experience

Step-by-step system to get you from A to B

Weekly check-ins online with me

24/7 contact through text messages, if you have any questions


High level of support & accountability through weekly goal-setting

Body measurement tracking with weekly weight targets set by me.


Personalised diet- and workout plan tailored to your lifestyle


Continuous adjustments to your diet and workout plan depending on results

Someone who genuinely cares & wants you to succeed

Results you'll keep... Trust me

You don't need access to a gym or to have any previous training experience to do online training​






₤164 per month 



Cancel anytime after your first 4 months


₤150 per month 


Cancel anytime after your first 7 months






Online Coaching will give you a lifestyle change, that will last you forever. I will guide you through your training, nutrition and day-to-day life. We'll be working together in-depth, and you won't just receive a generic programme or a boring meal plan, but instead a very personalised training programme I have designed for you, as well as top class nutrition guidance. 


I will help you optimise other aspects of your life outside of training & nutrition, because bad habits often arise from outside events: emotional struggles, lack of knowledge, time limitations etc. Together we'll determine what has led to your current situation, create a transition to a sustainable life and keep you accountable for acquiring your healthy lifelong habits. We will regularly set goals & adjust various factors in a reasonable tempo.

In short: Online Coaching includes anything it takes to get you from A to B.

CHECK INS: We will have a weekly check-in, where we talk about the week just been and set you goals for the new week. I will check up on you throughout the week as well through text to make sure you're staying on track. Feel free to text me anytime if you have any questions, concerns, something has changed, or you need a bit of motivation. 


TRAINING: The training programmes will be adjusted every 1-3 weeks depending on results to make sure you constantly see progress.


NUTRITION: I know this is where a lot of people feel they go wrong. It's hard to change many years of bad habits, so we will make small adjustments to your diet every week, to make sure it's a smooth transition for you.

I very rarely give out meal plans, as you won't learn anything from them and you would prefer to eat things in your own kitchen rather than what I tell you to eat.


With online coaching you will always have me as a professional by your side. Everything is tailored to suit your needs, your resources and your goals without sacrificing social events and busy lives. We will celebrate the up's, and fight through the down's - yes, it'll be a rollercoaster ride, but it's all part of the learning curve.


No matter if your goal is burning fat, building muscle or you simply wish to create a healthy lifestyle, I can guarantee that Online Coaching will give you everlasting results.

What if I go on holiday?

Don't worry about being away on holiday while you're doing online coaching - that's the beauty of it being online.

You can either freeze it for the time being or I'll coach you during your holiday on how to maintain everything we've achieved so far. I really want this to be a lifestyle change for you, so going on holiday is actually a great exercise to see if you can implement everything I've taught you while you're out of your normal routine.

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