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Online Coaching

No more feeling uncomfortable in your body.

No more being confused over what to eat, how to train and what to tackle first.

With Online Coaching you get me as your personal coach. I have either been in the exact same situation as you or helped someone who has, through my many years of coaching. Together, we will create a consistent routine & lifestyle to achieve the body you want without stressing over not knowing if you're doing the right thing.

You will get full support the whole way through.

You will learn & understand the process.

You will feel confident and amazing.


About your plan

Premium plan

For those who want a personalised training plan as well as full support, weekly check-ins & meal plans from Sarah Louise

Full access to my app trainn

Personalised training plan

Additional workouts (running, yoga etc)

 Professional nutrition guidance and/or meal plan

✓ Weekly goal-setting for continuous progress

✓ Step-by-step system to get you from A to B

✓ Body measurement tracking (monitored by Sarah Louise)

✓ 24/7 contact with Sarah Louise (over text)

✓ Sunday check-in with Sarah Louise (via trainn app)

✓  Weekly video call check-ins with Sarah Louise

✓  Continuous adjustments to workouts & nutrition

  Results you will keep .. trust me

£198 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Premium Online Coaching actually work?

With Premium Online Coaching I am with you every step of your fitness journey. This makes everything a lot more customisable and you are guaranteed to reach your goals! You will get a subscription to my app trainn, where you are provided with all your workouts, weekly goals, tips, tricks and tools needed. We will also be checking in over video call once a week, where we'll talk about the previous week and set goals for the new week ahead. The benefits of these weekly check-ins are that you are guaranteed to stay on track because I will hold you accountable - it's perfect for you if you tend to struggle with the motivation & discipline to keep going for more than a couple weeks, or you just feel like you need additional support. 

I am available 24/7 to message if you have any questions or need motivational support.

I will also create a personalised meal plan for you with delicious recipes and meals that work for your lifestyle. But over time I'll teach you how to move away from the meal plan and learnt o create meals yourself that work with your goals.

How does the trainn app work?

trainn is my very own app I have created, that you can download on your phone. On here you will find all your workouts & weekly goals, add all your cardio & track all your body measurements. It's a smart & adaptable fitness coaching app that will Check-in with you every Sunday and give you tips on the goals you didn't complete that week. I am available 24/7 to message through the app if you have any questions or need motivational support. I also regularly upload videos to the app with tips & tricks on all things fitness & nutrition for you to watch.

The app is available for anyone to download & start a 2 week free trial - you don't need to contact me first :-) 

How do I download the trainn app?

The trainn app is available for anyone to download for both iOS and Android. Click the download buttons below or search for "trainn - personalised fitness in the app store.

Is there a minimum contract?

There is a 3 month minimum commitment to Online Coaching, but you can stay as long as you want.

My app trainn comes with a 2 week free trial and you are not charged until the end of your trial period, so you have a few weeks to decide if you want to do things via the app, or you prefer me to write you plans etc. outside the app.

Got any other questions?

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