"Sarah Louise is a phenomenal motivational speaker! She has a way of being brutally honest and inspiring. You want to just get up at get stuff done!" 

"A Solution To All Your Excuses" speech

"Greatest motivational speech from Sarah. She'll convince you, you're capable of the thing you dreaded the most"

"Keep On Pushing" speech


  • A Solution To All Your Excuses A speech listing all your typical excuses to why you're delaying your fitness journey, your business dream or going vegan. Sarah has well-proven solutions to them all!

  • Keep On Pushing This speech is mostly used at business conventions or at your local company. It'll motivate your employees to work harder than ever before

  • Vegan, Strong And Loving It An inspiring story about how Sarah went vegan and what good it does for you, your body, your fitness journey and the planet.

  • The Power To Be Your Best A flower does not compare it self to the flower next to it. It just blooms. So can you. 

  • Step Into A New You A speech about getting out of disordered eating or having a bad body image. If you're struggling mentally to gain weight or lose weight, this is great for you.

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