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Everlasting results.

Sarah Louise

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What is Online Coaching?

Hi, I'm Sarah Louise

I help ordinary people build extraordinary bodies without sacrificing their lifestyle.

My aim is to take you on a personalised fitness journey to a body you love and a lifestyle you can maintain. Real advice. Real results.


After coaching thousands of clients for nearly a decade and gathering lots of experience, I have designed methods that are proven to make your results stick with you forever.

Take your fitness to the next level, regain confidence and create a consistent routine through personalised workouts, weekly goals, healthy habits & expert advice. All unique to you.

Start your fitness journey today.

  • 6+ years vegan

  • 8+ years PT experience

  • 800+ individual clients

  • Only 5-star reviews

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Vegan Personal Trainer London
Vegan Personal Trainer London
Vegan Personal Trainer London
Vegan Personal Trainer London

To sum up Online Coaching up in 3 words:
Expertise, Accountability & Results

✓ Full access to my app trainn 
✓ Personalised training plan that changes with you
✓ Professional nutrition guidance
✓ Step-by-step system to get you from A to B
✓ Weekly goals & healthy habits to complete
✓ Weekly check-ins & support from Sarah Louise
✓ 24/7 contact with Sarah Louise
✓ Educational videos on all things fitness, nutrition, mindset

Results you will keep .. trust me

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"Absolutely the best personal trainer I've ever worked with! Sarah has always encouraged me and motivated me to achieve my goals and to never give up. I love seeing the results from our work together in the gym and from her food suggestions too. "

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Forget all about generic training plans. These workouts are designed specifically for you with progressions as you become fitter & stronger

Get your very own training plan with effective workouts

Complete your goals & healthy habits every week

I have designed the journey from where you are to where you want to be & will check in with you every week

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Get personalised recommendations every week based on your progress so you always know if you're on track

Track your progress & get personalised tips

Chat with me anytime

Message me privately if you ever need support, motivation or have a question. It's like having your personal trainer with you in your pocket at all times.

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Scroll through hundreds of sweaty workout finishers, burning core workouts or relaxing stretch routines. Perfect for any situation.

Complete workout challenges & fitness tests


The results you want
with the support you need

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