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Online Coaching

Personalised programming

Weekly check-in & goal-setting

Everlasting results

Building strong bodies, healthy minds & changing lives.

No diets or shortcuts.

Sustainable body transformations.

Sarah Louise

What's included?

Tailored programming.

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I will provide you with personalised workouts for you to do in your own time - at the gym, at home or outside.


These will be adjusted accordingly to your progress and goals.

Optimised nutrition.

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Small weekly changes to your nutrition will make it sustainable for you to obtain as a lifestyle.


We will chat through your struggles, and optimise where needed. No boring diet or meal plan.

Check-ins, accountability

& support

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Weekly check-in calls and 24/7 texting support.


Celebrate your wins and share your struggles with me, I'm here with you every step of the way with motivation, tips and encouragement.

Everlasting results


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

5 out of 5


"Absolutely the best personal trainer I've ever worked with! Sarah has always encouraged me and motivated me to achieve my goals and to never give up. I love seeing the results from our work together in the gym and from her food suggestions too. "

Christine B. 2020

I help ordinary people build extraordinary bodies without sacrificing their lifestyle.


  • 4+ years vegan

  • 5+ years PT experience

  • 600+ individual clients

  • 5-star reviews

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When I contacted you 12 weeks ago, it was like my training and diet wasn't working optimally for me, and I had a hard time getting the most out of it. You've been a massive support throughout the entire online coaching, and no matter the time of the day you've been ready to answer my questions and guide me.



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