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4 High-protein Breakfasts You Have to Try (+ Recipes)

You’ve heard it before - ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, especially when it comes to building muscle. It’s the perfect time to get the first dose of your daily protein intake and stop unhealthy mid-morning snacking.

However, breakfast tends to be the meal we skip because we’re tired, in a rush or simply don’t know what to eat. If you’re lacking inspiration for high-protein breakfasts check out these 4 tasty recipes to start your healthy day 👇🏼

4 High-protein Breakfasts protein smoothie

Step 1: How to build a healthy breakfast 🍓

All the elements of your nutrition play different roles in your overall health, energy & results in your fitness journey. A healthy, balanced diet should overall be built up of these 4 elements: Protein, fruit & fiber, carbs & fats.

  • 🧆 Protein will help build muscle;

  • 🥦 fruit & fiber will keep you feeling full and give you vitamins & minerals;

  • 🥯 carbs will give you energy for your day and workouts; and

  • 🥑 fats will keep your brain and hormones healthy.

So, here's how to build your breakfast:

We tend to enjoy breakfast being a bit lighter, while still giving us the nutrition, energy and stable blood sugar levels we need.

  • Aim for 300-500 calories - this will help you feel comfortably full and not overstuffed

  • Get in 15-25g of protein 🧆 - this is the best amount for your body per meal to build muscle & keep you going until the next meal. This could be yoghurt, tofu, protein powder or beans.

  • Add 2 handfuls of fruit or veggies 🥦 - they will not only add colour and volume to your meal, but also healthy vitamins, minerals and fiber. This could be spinach, mushrooms or delicious fresh berries

  • Add either 1/2 handful of carbs 🥯 or healthy fats 🥑 - this will give you energy, stabilise blood sugar & keep you full till next meal. This could be a slice of wholegrain bread or oats for carbs, and nuts or avocado for healthy fats.

4 High-protein Breakfasts homemade protein bars

Incredibly easy breakfast bars

Calories: 362 per bar Protein: 13g per bar Serves: 10 bars

If you don't have the biggest appetite in the morning, these bars are perfect for you. Not only do they pack in 13g of protein each, but you also don’t need to bake them in the oven - so great for meal prep! The almonds add a crunch and an extra protein boost, just make sure you choose a sweet protein powder you love… I’ve tried these with pea protein by mistake and it wasn’t fun 🥲

You'll need 👇🏼

  • 150g oats

  • 3 scoops protein powder (25g each)

  • 10 big medjool dates

  • 3.5 tbsp (50g) of nut butter

  • 80g chopped almonds

  • 80g goji berries

  • 200g 80% dark chocolate

  • Parchment baking paper and a high speed blender

How to prepare:

  1. Make sure your nut butter is at room temperature.

  2. Remove the pits from the dates and place in a bowl with boiling water. This will let them soak up the mousture and make them extra gooey. After 10 mins, remove the dates from the water and squish with the back of a fork.

  3. Meanwhile, blend the oats for a couple of seconds to make them easier to chew. Pour them into a bowl with the protein powder and mix.

  4. Back in the blender, add the dates and nut butter and blend together.

  5. Start slowly adding the oat- and protein powder mix a little bit at a time. Add a splash of water if needed, but you want it to be very sticky.

  6. Once this is mixed, add in chopped almonds and goji berries. Blend for a couple seconds so it mixes well.

  7. On a sheet of parchment paper in a baking tray, pour on and carefully spread out the mixture. Make sure to press it down well with your hands or back of a spoon.

  8. Melt your chocolate and add on top of your bars

  9. Place the tray in the fridge or freezer for 1-2 hours.

  10. Take out the tray and cut into 10 bars - done, no baking required!

  11. Store in the fridge for up to 6 days.

4 High-protein Breakfasts tofu scramble

Scrambled tofu

Calories: 320 Protein: 29g Serves: 1 person

If you miss having eggs every morning and want to kickstart the day with a high protein breakfast, scrambled tofu is one you’ll definitely want to try. Tofu is a “complete protein” which will really benefit your muscle building journey. And best of all, this is a one-pan recipe - so much less washing up 🙌🏼 The turmeric gives the tofu the yellow egg colour, but if you also miss the eggy flavour try adding black Himalayan salt.

You'll need 👇🏼

  • 1/2 onion, diced

  • 200g firm tofu

  • 1 red bell pepper, diced

  • 2 handfuls of spinach

  • 1-2 tbsp nutritional yeast

  • 1 tsp dried cumin, coriander, turmeric, chilli powder, salt and black pepper

  • Optional: black Himalayan salt

  • Optional: hot sauce to drizzle on top

How to prepare:

  1. Drain and press your tofu - to get rid of any excess water.

  2. Prep your veggies by dicing an onion and bell pepper

  3. Add the onion to a non stick pan with a splash of water or oil. Season with the cumin, coriander, turmeric and chilli powder until everything is warm.

  4. Crumble the tofu with your fingers to replicate scrambled eggs. Add to the pan

  5. Add the bell pepper and keep stirring until everything is well combined and starting to crisp up

  6. Stir through the nutritional yeast, spinach and, if using, black Himalayan salt.

4 High-protein Breakfasts baked beans on toast

Baked beans on toast

Calories: 570 Protein: 43g Serves: 1 person

If you’re craving a full English fry-up but in a vegan high protein version, this is the recipe for you! We’re scaling down slightly, but definitely not compromising on flavour 🤤🤤 Try this for a Sunday brunch!

You'll need 👇🏼

  • 1/2 tin baked beans

  • 1-2 small vegan sausages (I used the Linda McCartney brand)

  • 4-8 white button mushrooms

  • 1 big tomato

  • 1 slice wholegrain bread

  • 1 tsp mixed italian herbs, salt and pepper

  • 1/2-1 tbsp oil

How to prepare:

  1. Pour the baked beans in a pot and keep on low heat

  2. Cook the sausages as per instructions. Use a bigger pan, as we'll be cooking all the veggies on this.

  3. Cut the mushrooms in half and heat on the other half pan with the sausages. Add the seasoning.

  4. Cut your tomato in half and place face down on the pan.

  5. Cook until everything has absorbed the heat and flavour. Add a splash of water to the pan if everything starts to go dry.

  6. Pop your bread in the toaster right before you’re ready to serve.

  7. Plate up everything and enjoy a hot breakfast!

Enjoying these recipes? Why not try these 4 high-protein vegan lunch recipes 😍

4 High-protein Breakfasts protein smoothie

Silky Protein Smoothie

Calories: 323 Protein: 23g Serves: 1 person

You'll need 👇🏼

  • 170g silken tofu or 1 scoop protein powder (25g)

  • 150g frozen berries

  • 1 tbsp nut butter

  • 200ml plant based milk

  • Ice cubes

How to prepare:

  1. Drain and press the tofu to get rid of any excess water.

  2. Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend

  3. Serve and enjoy!

Looking for more high-protein inspiration?

It’s easy for us to skip breakfast on busy days, but when we’re trying to see results with our fitness goals, it’s important not to neglect breakfast. Starting the day with high-protein meals sets you up for a healthy day and great workouts. As one of our 3 key meals each day, it’s ideal to get in 15-25g of protein - and most importantly, enjoy what you’re eating. Alongside high-protein meals, following a training plan will take your results to the next level. If you're ready to feel amazing this summer and make the most of your breakfasts AND workouts, sign up for Online Coaching with me.

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