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Working out at home: 4 steps to get you started

Going to the gym isn’t for everyone. Sometimes the gym has to come to you. It might be that you don't yet feel comfortable enough to workout around other people, or that you have certain commitments at home that mean you can't leave the house. Whatever your reason may me, don't worry. Working out from home can be just as effective as being in a gym - and you don't necessarily need a lot of space or equipment.

Read this article for benefits of working out from home and 4 helpful tips on how to get started with working out at home 👇🏼

Working out at home: 4 steps to get you started

Benefits of working out at home

There are many benefits of working out at home, including:

  • It can be easier to stick to a healthy routine

  • It's ad hoc and you can do it whenever

  • You save money on a gym membership

  • You save time because there's no commute to the gym

  • There's no waiting around for the equipment to free up

  • You can be yourself

  • You feel more confident to practice the exercises you haven't fully mastered yet

How to start working out at home

Preparation is key when starting your first home workout, but it's possible for anyone. Whether you are just getting started with working out or simply prefer the flexibility and convenience of working out at home, here are 4 tips to help you get started:

#1 Personalise it to you

First, and most importantly, you need to consider what kind of workouts you want to do, and what your fitness goal is. These two things will help you determine how much space you need, what equipment you should invest in and what type of exercises you should be doing.

#2 Set up your space

Ideally you want to have a dedicated area in your house or garden where you always workout. You want a nice and tidy area where you have space to do the workout you need and where you don't have to move the sofa or table before every workout.

Organise the space so you have your equipment nearby - roll up your mat in the corner and place any other equipment next to it. This makes everything easy to grab, and makes you much more likely to get the workout done.

If you're new to working out, it's also ideal to have a wall mirror, so you always can make sure your technique is correct.

#3 Get the relevant equipment

In order to determine which equipment you need to buy, it's helpful to think about your fitness level and the type of training you want to do (like we did in step #1). You can definitely get along well with only bodyweight exercises, but if you want to get the most out of your training it's worth investing in weights.

Equipment based on your fitness level

  • Beginner - If you're only just starting your fitness journey, you will likely only need a mat and some resistance bands. This will allow you to learn the basic bodyweight exercises first which without a doubt will be effective enough. If you want a bit more of a challenge, you can also invest in some ankle weights or light dumbbells.

  • Experienced - If you're used to working out, you'll already have a good base level strength. This means, that you'll benefit mostly from investing in heavier dumbbells or kettlebells so you can keep challenging your muscles.

Equipment based on the type of workouts you want to do

  • HIIT workouts - These are usually bodyweight, so you'll only need a non-slip mat and possibly a skipping rope

  • Strength workouts - For these workouts you'll need to invest in weights. Look into buying light dumbbells or kettlebells to start with or buy dumbbells that are adjustable in weight.

  • Yoga & stretching - These workouts usually require a non-slip mat, foam roller and some resistance bands. If you will be doing more yoga, it can be worth buying in a yoga block

Full list of training equipment for home workouts

  • Non-slip mat

  • Foam roller

  • Ankle weights

  • Resistance bands (long and short)

  • Skipping rope

  • Dumbbells and/or kettlebells

  • Bench

  • Mirror (to check your technique)

  • Treadmill or exercise bike

Working out at home: 4 steps to get you started

#4 Follow a training plan

There are lots of benefits from following a training plan if you're working out from home, including:

  • Motivation - Resisting the temptation to relax on the sofa can be hard when it's right there next to you. Having a plan in front of you will make it much more likely to get done.

  • Efficiency - When we're working out at home we often need a shorter workout, which also means we have to make sure the exercises we do are as efficient as possible to make up for lost time.

  • Continuous progress - Without a training plan it can be easy to "just do what you're used to". A training plan will help you make sure you're always progressing and pushing yourself to your limit

If you're working out at home and want to follow a training plan, make sure to check out my Online Coaching plans so I can help you with the most efficient workouts based on the equipment you have. You can always add or remove equipment if your circumstances change.

Let's sum up

Working out from home can be convenient for a lot of people, especially if you're still a beginner or don't feel comfortable in the gym. You don't necessarily need lots of equipment or space around you, so don't feel any pressure to have to get everything perfect from the start.

No matter where you workout - living room, garden or gym - you can reach your fitness goals. My name is Sarah Louise and I'm an online personal trainer. I coach people online and make sure all workouts are personalised to you and your requirements. If you're working out at home, we'll make bodyweight workouts. And whenever you feel ready to start working out in the gym, I will modify your workouts to the gym. Because home workouts tend to be shorter, it's important that you're doing the most effective exercises to still get the same bang for your buck. Following a personalised training plan will help you with this 💪🏼 Click below to sign up for Online Coaching with me today!


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