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Why super low-calorie days might be ruining your diet

It’s easy to start a diet wanting results immediately and therefore shooting your calories too low. But eating too little (even if you feel OK the first few days doing it) will likely have consequences down the line — not necessarily the next day, but at some point in the near future.

Unless you have an extreme willpower, you’ll at some point get so hungry and your energy levels, recovery, sleep and mood will drop. This will then be followed by a day of overindulging again, and ruin the efforts of the low-calorie days. If you keep repeating this, you’ll end up in a bad cycle of restricting too much 🔁 excessively overeating

Why super low-calorie days might be ruining your diet

So, how should I start my weight loss diet?

The best way to reach your goals (and maintain them) is by small gradual changes to your nutrition 🤓 I know.. boring.

  • Start cooking more homemade meals

  • Build your meals up around protein, fibre and veggies. This will keep the calories lower while keeping you full for longer and giving your body the nutrients it needs

  • Eat mindfully — how many times per day are you grabbing food? are you eating because you’re hungry? are you mindlessly snacking?

  • Focus on feeling slightly hungry between meals and stick to 1-2 portions

  • Start weighing yourself daily/weekly and monitor it

If you regularly have days with binging and excessive hunger, it’s worth looking into if you’re being too extreme on the low calorie days.

Just like we want consistency with our workouts, we also want consistency with our nutrition ⚖️

Start your fitness journey the correct way

I completely understand how it can be hard getting rid of unhealthy habits that you've had for many years. And truth is it's not going to happen in a day or a week. But it 100% is possible. You just need the right guidance and to introduce changes at a steady pace.

I'm here to help you with all of this. Sign up for Online Coaching below and let me help you optimise your nutrition so you can see better result with your fitness journey 😁 Ready to go? Sign up for Online Coaching with me below👇🏼


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